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24k gold collagen serum for face

300,00 EGP

  • Dr. Rashel Gold Anti-Wrinkle Serum.
  • The face gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It helps in lightening the skin and unifying its color.
  • It penetrates the skin and moisturizes it deeply.
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Dr. Rashel 24k gold collagen serum is considered to be one of the best products that get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and make the skin firmer, it also acts as a natural antioxidant to protect the skin, promote cell metabolism and increases the radiance of your skin.

This gold serum targets dark spots on the skin and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores while deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin, ultimately resulting in tight, supple and healthy skin.

Read on to learn more about product.

24k gold collagen serum benefits

  • Dr. Rashel Serum contains 99.9% pure gold.
  • A highly concentrated serum that absorbs nutrients deeply into the skin and helps improve skin texture.
  • Anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenating formula.
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin and makes it more supple.
  • Serum Primer provides luminosity and vitality to the skin.
  • Effectively rids the skin of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Promotes the metabolism of skin cells for their renewal.
  • It rids the skin of toxins and impurities stuck to it.
  • Eliminates dark spots and evens skin tone.
  • Makes the skin more glowy.
  • Dr. Rachel’s Gold Serum is suitable for all skin types.
  • It boosts collagen production in the skin.
  • Tightens the skin and makes it more youthful.

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How to use golden serum

Put a few drops on the center of your face and massage outwards as the last step in caring for your skin before applying makeup.
You can apply it as a topical treatment for dry or wrinkled areas of your face.

24k gold collagen serum benefits price in Egypt

Available at Beauty Expert at a discounted price, 300 EGP per package.

dr rashel 24k gold serum side effects

Golden serum is safe for individual use, however, there are some warnings that should be kept in mind when using the product, which are:

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes, and if this occurs, rinse your eyes well with warm water.
  • keep away from the reach of the children.
  • For external use only.

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