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Chanel chewing gum watermelon flavor – 36 chewing gums

160,00 EGP

  • Chanel chewing gum increases desire and pleasure.
  • Gives a tingling sensation around the area.
  • Increases sex drive.
  • Boosts blood flow and heat to the area.
  • 36 pieces: 6 packets x 6 pieces.
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After 45 minutes of Chanel chewing gum, women are less able to control their sexual desires. Additionally, it helps you experience an orgasm that has no bounds and repeats the peak of sexual pleasure several times.

Keep reading to find out more.

Chanel chewing gum benefits

  • Achieve orgasm.
  • Gives intense enthusiasm and excitement to women.
  • You can achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Generates heat and stimulates blood circulation to the area.
  • Increase sex desire in women.
  • Increased sensitivity in women.
  • Lubricates the vagina well to reduce sex pain.
  • Stimulate the clitoris.
  • Increases breast arousal.
  • Can be used for patients with pressure or heart.

How to use

Chanel chewing gum can be eaten 45 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Chanel chewing gum Ingredients

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Chanel chewing gum watermelon flavor price

Chanel chewing gum is available at Beauty Expert at a discounted price, 160 EGP per package.

Side effects

Chanel chewing gums don’t cause any side effects, however, you need to consult your doctor if symptoms appear after use:

  • Such as skin rashes (Sometimes it’s normal)
  • Increased heart beat.
  • Feeling sick.

Safety information

  • This product is for couples only.
  • Keep it at room temperature.
  • Put it out of the reach of children.

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