Elegant Fat Burner

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  • Green coffee, which is the strongest fat burning.
  • Green tea can burn calories and oxidize fat.
  • Cranberry which works on metabolism.
  • Plant magnesium and vegetable fat.


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Aligant to burn fat capable of weight loss in a safe and natural:

 It is a natural product because the igant to burn fat consists of a group of herbs where it consists of

  • Green coffee is the strongest fat burning
  • Green tea can burn calories and oxidize fat
  • Cranberry which works on metabolism
  • Plant magnesium and vegetable fat

Advantages of burning fat:

  • Burn fat
  • energy production

 Daily dose of igant to burn fat:

  • One capsule per day before half an hour

Number of Illegant Cellulite Cellulite Capsules:

  • Capsule sufficient for 1 month and 10 days (40 days)

Country of Origin:

  • Malaysia


  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Pressure
  • Sugar
  • Heart and liver diseases

Anti Cellulite Elegant

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