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Filorga time filler cream for wrinkles

1.300,00 EGP

  • Filorga Time Filler Cream reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Provides continuous hydration to visibly plump small and deep lines.
  • Wrinkle-resistant and comfortable.
  • It restores balance to your skin.
  • Full of vitamins and protein to restore skin’s health.
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All of Filorga’s anti-aging cosmetic expertise has been put into Filorga Time Filler cream High Concentration Cream 50ml, which corrects all types of wrinkles, especially crow’s feet. The tripeptide substance similar to Botox works to reduce muscle contractions and allow the skin to relax so that the face looks younger.

Benefits of Filorga time filler cream

  • Filorga time filler cream reduces the wrinkles caused by dryness and facial expression.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides continuous hydration to visibly plump lines and wrinkles.
  • The rich cream ingredients restore balance to your skin.
  • Corrects all types of wrinkles.
  • Smooth the skin and get rid of the crow’s feet.

Filorga time filler cream price

Available at Beauty Expert at a discounted price, 2300 EGP per package.


  • NCEF: A specially formulated tonic from Filorga Skincare, this substance contains some vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, to help fight the signs of aging efficiently.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Known for its wonderful properties in providing the skin with the necessary moisture and increasing the production of collagen that makes your skin supple and elastic.
  • Vitamin C: It fights free radicals that damage skin cells thanks to its antioxidant formula, so Filorga Time Filler Cream maintains the beauty and freshness of your skin.
  • Vitamin A: or the so-called retinoids that restore the vitality of your skin after the damage that may occur when exposed to sunlight, in addition to removing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Peptides: help get rid of wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity, thanks to their role in increasing collagen production.
  • Proteins and amino acids: These substances act as Botox, according to studies and experiments conducted on Filorga wrinkle cream.
  • Hydroxy acids: an essential component of Filorga products for wrinkles, where these acids contribute to the exfoliation of the skin, and thus the skin gets rid of dead cells so that the skin absorbs the rest of the ingredients completely, and in the end, you get smooth and youthful skin.

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How to use Filorga Time Filler Cream

  • Before you start using Filorga cream, clean the skin well.
  • Apply directly to the skin, morning and evening, on the face, neck, and chest area.

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