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ginsana 115g capsules all in one capsule

445,00 EGP

  • Ginsana 115g capsules improve sexual behavior.
  • Strengthens memory and focus.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Improve the general health of the body.
  • Lower blood levels in the body.
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Ginsana 115g capsules is a food supplement that contains ginseng extract known for its multiple benefits for the body, especially promoting sexual health and resisting fatigue and tiredness, moreover, it strengthens the immune system and enhances brain functions.

Ginsana 115g capsules benefits

  • Ginsana is used as a general tonic and tonic for the body and its functions.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces harmful cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
  • It treats cases of general and severe weakness of the body.
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system.
  • Positively affects concentration and vital brain functions.
  • Reduces chances of catching a cold and flu.
  • Regulates the body’s metabolism.
  • It works to rejuvenate cells and strengthen the body in the elderly.
  • It improves memory.
  • Protects the heart from clots and diseases.
    Relieves the symptoms of painful menstruation in women, and this is one of the most important benefits of
  • Ginsana capsules for women.
  • Regulate sleep and eliminate insomnia.
  • Strengthen the nerves.

Ginseng benefits sexually

  • Ginsana capsules treat erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Boost testosterone.
  • Increases sexual desire in men and women.
  • Improves sexual performance between couples.


The capsules consist of one active ingredient, ginseng extract, which studies have proven its effectiveness and its multiple benefits for the body, including fighting fatigue, increasing energy levels, and improving sexual life.

How to use

  • The recommended daily dose is one capsule twice a day.
  • Take one before breakfast.
  • Another one before lunch.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid taking any meds 2 hours after using them.

Ginsana 115g capsules price

Available at Beauty Expert at a price of 445 EGP per package contains 30 capsules.

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Ginsana 115g capsules side effects

Ginsana is made of one active ingredient which doesn’t cause any side effects if you don’t use other meds or take the recommended dose.


  • Do not take the capsules with other medicines at the same time as aspirin, wait two hours and take the other medicine.
  • Do not take this product with caffeine products, as it may cause insomnia.
  • Consult a doctor if you suffer from a specific disease or are taking certain medications, before taking Ginsana Pills.
  • The most appropriate dose for you will be determined by the doctor according to your health condition.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, discontinue use until consulting a physician.
  • Keep in a cool, dry place out of the reach of your children.

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