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New Harva 36 capsule for Weight loss

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  • Made in Germany.
  • New Harva 36 capsules
  • Enough for the usage of 5
  • For losing weight purposes.
  • Very strong in suppressing appetite.
  • Helps in burning calories and body fat mass.
  • Sculpting the body.
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New Harva Capsules description

  • New Harva capsules is a really powerful product in suppressing your appetite and activating the metabolism.
  • It helps you control the amount and type of food intake, to promote a healthy life style and healthy diet.
  • It helps you lose your total body weight on arrange of 8 up to 12kg per month.
  • This product includes phyto-nutrients providing your body the sufficient amount of vitamins, which aids your healthy metabolic system and work as antioxidants protecting your body from disease risks.

New Harva capsules benefits for weight loss

  • New Harva 36 capsules contain 400gm of cranberries extract.
  • Cranberries help losing weight in a great way as they are very low in calories and rich in fibers, which provide a feeling of fullness and satiety.
  • They also speed up the metabolic rate and promote thermogenesis for burning accumulated body fats.
  • New Harva capsules also contain 18 amino acids beside zinc, copper, iron, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and vitamins such as vitamin C and A.
  • Amino acids are basic components in activating metabolism and they aid directly into burning the fats and turn them into energy, they also help to maintain a great muscles condition, which improves the physical ability and performance for the individuals.
  • Strong muscles always mean less stored fats, and less saggy skin.
  • When calcium is combined with vitamins, it also aids the fat burning process, as calcium helps maintain a normal muscles contraction, which needs energy, needing energy means burning fats.
  • Copper is also known as “Superfood”, Iron and Copper are two needed minerals in our body to function properly, but Copper has a magical effect in losing weight, as it helps the enzymes transfer energy to cells.
  • Copper work as a regulator to breakdown the fats and produce the energy.
  • Iron doesn’t make you lose weight, but Iron deficiency actually causes weight gain!
  • So it is really important to keep the needed level of iron in our bodies.
  • Zinc is also an essential mineral in our body system, and the lack of or zinc deficiency is associated with many diseases and body function problems, which results in decreasing metabolism.
  • Vitamin C is also important as so little vitamin Cin the blood stream was associated with increased body fat and waist measurements.
  • New Harva capsules is a great way to lose your body weight, control your appetite and supplying your body with the sufficient minerals and vitamins that will end up boosting your metabolic rate and fat burning abilities.
  • And it will help you sculpt your body shape.
  • Additional ingredients: It contains 32 carbohydrates, including 1 gram of dietary fiber and 30 grams of sugars, Contains 150 calories free of fat and cholesterol.

New Harva Capsules recommended daily dosage

  • Take 1 capsules daily, 30 min prior to breakfast.

New HArva Capsules usage instructions

  • Measure your body weight right before starting the course of New HArva Capsules.

New HArva Capsules side effects

  • There are no side effects because it is composed of natural ingredients.

New Harva 36 capsules usage preventions

  • It is not for the use of people with heart conditions.
  • Not recommended for Hypertension patients.
  • Not recommended for Diabetic patients.
  • It is not for the use of Pregnant and lactating women.
  • Not for those who are less than 18 years old.

New HArva Capsules usage instruction

  • In case you are suffering from any severe condition, it is best to consult a physician.
  • In case you have any allergies, it is best to consult a physician.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

New Harva 36 capsule for Weight loss | Fettarm

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