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Majestic turbo slim original for slim body 42 capsules

495,00 EGP

  • Helps dissolves stored fats from the body.
  • Burn fat and give you a slim body.
  • Maintain your skin health, and give it a glow.
  • Turbo slim original helps you to lose your appetite.
  • Package content: 42 capsules.
  • Produced by: Majestic.
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What is turbo slim original?

Turbo slim is one of the most effective slimming drugs, you may count on them to achieve the ideal body because they are particularly produced from the extract of natural medicinal plants.
It aids in the battle against stubborn stored fat and aids in the elimination of issues brought on by obesity, such as joint stiffness and muscle or bone pain.

Turbo slim price in Egypt 2022

You can buy Turbo slim capsule from Beauty Expert at a price of only 495 EGP per package.

Turbo slim uses

  • Helps in losing weight fast and in a healthy way.
  • Protect your skin and glow it.
  • Gives you all the energy you need and supports your body with vitamins and minerals.
  • Using Turbo slim capsules will increase your metabolic rate and help you lose cellulite.
  • Turbo slim original aids in the burning of additional calories and the removal of stored fat.

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Turbo slim ingredients

  • koncing nut.
  • Garcinia Cambogia.
  • Apple extracts fruit.
  • Mannan Amt.
  • Konjaku extracts.
  • Sweet potato cellulose.
  • Guar gum powder.

Turbo slim original dosage

  • Recommended dose is 1 Turbo slim capsule per day.
  • Preferred taking it before breakfast for half an hour.

Turbo slim side effects

Turbo slim original has no side effects because it is composed of natural ingredients.

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Warnings and Contraindications product name

  • Don’t take more than the advised dosage.
  • If any of its constituents cause your allergies, stay away from using it.
  • Keep it in a cool, dry area and away from children.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • Avoid using it if you’re diabetic, a blood pressure, or a heart patient.
  • Not for those under 18 years.

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