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Uriage Age Protect MultiAction Cream

409,00 EGP

  • Production of Uriage, France.
  • 40 ml anti-aging cream.
  • It moisturizes the skin and makes it suppler.
  • It helps the skin to fight against aging signs.
  • It helps the skin to resist the harmful factors of sunlight and pollutants.
  • You’ll find that the wrinkles and the fine lines are disappearing gradually.
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Uriage Age Protect MultiAction Cream is a potent moisturizing formula that extremely moisturizes the skin and makes it too supple and too soft. It prevents the wrinkles and fine lines from appearing and maintains a youthful look for the skin at all times.

Especially with regular usage, you help your skin maintain healthy and hydrated, which reverse the harmful effect of the sunrays.

This formula is specially designed to protect the skin of every woman by supporting skin nourishment and miniaturization, as well as providing a protection against the blue light of the sun in order to prevent relapse.

The skin can be very vulnerable to the environmental hazardous factors, such as air pollution, high temperature, UVA, and UVB. This cream helps reducing the harmful effect of all of these factor, in addition repairing the damaged cells.

Uriage Age Protect MultiAction Cream Review for Improving Skin Complexion:

  • Age Protect Multi-Action Cream is a wonderful way to protect your skin against the harmful factors and speeds up the renewal rate of skin cells in order to speed up healing and repair the damaged cells.
  • It provides a long term protecting impact throughout the extreme hydration capability that the cream provides for the skin and its enriched formula with plant-based extracts, that provide vitamins and minerals.
  • This extensive nourishment for the skin will help it maintain healthy and fight the free radicals that cause aging of the skin.
  • The wrinkles will start to disappear, as well as, the fine line and will positively reduce the aging rate.
  • The plant-based extracts are rich in compounds called flavonoids. These compounds helps to heal the skin damaged cells, and nourishes the skin while providing it with youthful appearance.
  • The youthful appearance is represented in the firmness of the skin and the increased elasticity and suppleness.
  • The regular usage is a very significant factor of maintaining your skin looking healthy and young.
  • It also will ensure a lasting protection for your skin and prevents relapsing.
  • Moisturizing lasts for 24 hours.
  • The results shown the following: appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Skin firmness: +87% Brown spot intensity: -56% Complexion radiance: +100%.

How to Use Uriage Age Protect MultiAction Cream for Wrinkles and Fine Lines:

  • Deeply cleanse your skin to make it pure and clear, dry your skin perfectly.
  • Apply the cream once daily in the morning.
  • If a sensation of tingling occurs, space out the cream of those areas.


  • If you’re suffering from a certain dermatological condition, consult with your dermatologist before usage.
  • Not for pregnant women.


  • Active ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water BLB Plant gums Retinol, VLMW* Hyaluronic Acid, Dragon’s Blood**, Vitamins C and E Shea Butter, Olive Squalane, Plant Waxes
  • Tested under dermatological control. Fragrance

Uriage Age Protect MultiAction Cream for Skin Elasticity

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  • Age Protect daily Cream is certified by the FDA.
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  • Uriage eau thermale – age protect cream multi action for skin protection is in a new condition.      


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