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Vega, Sport Performance Protein, Mocha , 41 g

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  • Distributed by Vega US llc.
  • Plant protein-based.
  • 41gm, for growing your muscles and strengthen your bones.
  • Gluten free, no sugar added, no soy or dairy component included.
  • Certified vegan.
  • Dietary supplement.

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Vega protein

Vega sport protein is a great mix of extracted proteins “Pea, alfalfa, pumpkin and sunflower seed” with calcium and iron.

This is the optimum formula you need for gaining muscle mass and having a better performance.

Vega sport protein review

  • It helps you grow you muscles.
  • Vega protein helps in a faster recovery and fights fatigue.
  • It provides your body with the minerals needed for efficient muscle contraction and great physical performance and stamina.
  • It provides essentials amino acids and proteins that serve as the building blocks for your muscles.

Vega protein benefits

  • Vega sport protein is a greet mix of nutrients vital to muscle growth and performance stamina.
  • Vega protein contains pea protein extraction; it is a high quality protein and a great source for Iron. It aids in muscle growth, weight loss and heart health.
  • It contains all none essential amino acids.
  • It is also a great source for branched-chain amino acids, especially arginine, which promotes healthy blood flow and heart health, accordingly improving performance quality.
  • Pea extracted protein in vega sport protein is rich in leucine, Iso leucine and valine, altogether promote muscle growth.
  • It is easily digested and absorbed, making you reach optimal benefits.
  • Pumpkin protein extract in vega protein is a good source for antioxidants, which help fight against diseases. Also, rich in magnesium, zinc and fatty acids.
  • All help in keeping your heart health and lowers heart disease risk.
  • Sunflower seed proteins included in vega protein are rich in B complex vitamins, which are beneficial for healthy nervous system and muscle growth ability.
  • It is also a great source for (phosphorus, magnesium, Iron, potassium, vitamin E) and proteins.
  • Alfalfa protein extract in vega sport protein is a great source for vitamins A,C,E & K4, also minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus and Iron).
  • Alfalfa is high in protein component; it boosts hormones that assist with the growth and development of strong healthy muscles.
  • All proteins and amino acids serve as the building blocks of the muscle tissue. It is a great deal of importance for athletes to have a sufficient amount of protein on daily basis.

Minerals benefits in vega protein

  • Vega protein contains Iron.
  • Iron is an essential mineral for our health; it regulates cell growth and differentiation. And it is a structural component for many proteins and enzymes.
  • Haemoglobin is the protein in RBCs, which carry the oxygen to the tissues, and myoglobin is the protein supplying oxygen to our working muscles.
  • Using oxygen efficiently is a key factor in athletic exercise and growing muscles.
  • Iron is especially important for body builders, as in cases of lacked iron levels, body builders start suffering! The muscles recovery rate and quality will decrease.
  • It will not be supplied with sufficient oxygen, that way the muscles will work less time and will reach fatigue quickly.
  • It can cause lack of mental clarity and focus due to tiredness.
  • Iron deficiency will result in a weak immune system and difficulty maintaining a consistent body thermal status (feeling cold).
  • Vega protein also contains calcium. It is an essential mineral for keeping strong bones and muscles in a great shape.
  • Athletes tend to lose calcium while exercising, so it has to be compensated.
  • Calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis, by increasing bone density.
  • It is responsible for triggering muscle contraction and preventing cramps.
  • Calcium is especially important for weight lifters and elderly, as strong bones resist breakage and fractures.
  • Consuming balanced amounts of proteins, iron and calcium do miracles to your bones, muscles and physical performance.
  • Vega sport protein is your key for athletic success.

How to use vega protein

  • Shake one pack of Vega Sport Performance Protein in 1.5 cups (12 fl. oz.) of ice cold water or non-dairy beverage and enjoy 45 to 90 minutes after your workout.
  • Or Mix one pack of Vega Sport Performance Protein into your favorite smoothie.


  • Consult in case you suffer from any medical condition or consuming any prescribed medication.
  • Keep out of reach of children.






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