Advanced Clinicals, Collagen Serum, 1.75 fl oz (52 ml), Instant Plumping Serum.

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  • Production of Advanced Clinicals, United States of America.
  • 52 ml Skin Serum.
  • For instant skin firm, anti-wrinkles and fine lines, fights dark circles and age spots.
  • Combined Pure Collagen, Soy and algae extract for instant skin plump, firmness, and radiance.
  • 100% natural ingredients.


This highly recommended advanced clinicals collagen face serum from instantly plump your skin to look firmer and younger than ever before. This combined formulation between collagen, soy and algae extract works effectively on your skin layers, supports collagen synthesis, and fights the skin aging problems.  Advanced Clinicals Collagen Serum can restore the youth of your skin, leaving you highly satisfied with the results.

Properties of advanced clinicals collagen face serum:

  • Instant skin firming formulation.
  • Pure collagen content aids in restoring skin collagen, moisturizes and keeps the skin layers hydrated, and glowy.
  • Soy extract targets sagging, lost elasticity, and facial lines while algae extract firms the skin.
  • This product contains glycerin which makes the skin more hydrated and vital.
  • Especially designed for lip and fine lines.
  • Daily use of Advanced Clinicals, Collagen Serum strengthens the skin, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles within 4 weeks.
  • Paraben-Free, gentle alternative to injections.

Usage instructions of advanced clinicals collagen face serum

  • Cleanse your skin (face and neck) as usual.
  • Apply an amount of Collagen Instant Plumping Serum to face and body, if desired.
  • Focus on the specific areas of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Wait for serum to absorb (around 10 minutes).
  • Use daily and nightly depending on skin preference and desired results.


  • For external use only.
  • Keep in a dry cool place.
  • Keep away from children
  • Call the doctor if the serum is ingested accidently or If you have any severe condition.
  • If the advanced clinicals collagen face serum got into your eyes, wash them well with water.
  • Safety sealed for your protection.
  • Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

Advanced Clinicals, Collagen Serum, 1.75 fl oz (52 ml)

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