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Relora, Stress & Appetite Control, 300 mg, 60 Capsules

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  • Production of New Foods co.
  • 300mg, 60 vegetarian capsules, reduces negative anxiety and stress related-eating.
  • Appetite and stress control.
  • GMP Quality Assured
  • Dietary supplement.

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Magnolia officinalis & Phellodendron amurense plants extract| Relora capsules

These plants have been known for there ability to reduce stress, but recently, it has drawn the attention of healthcare providers, that it can help reducing stress related-eating. It is a common phenomenon in some people, whenever they face any psychological dilemma, or a nervous breakdown, they tend to eat hysterically for quit sometime, that can reach months, during that time, they increase enormously in body weight. And on the minor levels, nervous people, who tend to feel tension at certain circumstances or problems they face, at work or family issues, also, tend to over eat from time to time. Relora supplement capsules is actually suitable for these types of eating. It helps you relax and cool down, and lowers your eating desire, by leaving you in a better mood.


Relora benefits| magnolia officinalis extract| phellodendron amurense benefits

  • It has been shown that the extract of those plants together supports the body’s response to minor, temporary stress, which may result in nervous tension, fatigue, sadness, irritability and nervous eating.
  • The relaxing effect of relora has been shown to help control appetite and stress related-eating. Thereby help losing weight.
  • Both plants extract (magnolia bark extract & phellodendron bark extract) have anxiety reducing activity, they reduce all those negative feeling caused by stress. And help you suppress you eating desire.
  • Relora capsules help you improve your mood and decrease mental stress.
  • Relora capsules help lowering fat storage rate.
  • Other benefits of those plants extract are, improving digestion problems, common cold, runny nose, headaches, toothaches, diabetes and facial dark sposts.
  • Both of the plants extract together induce relaxation and reduce stress related-eating.


Relora dosage| how to use magnolia officinalis & phellodendron amurense plants extract

  • Take one (1) capsules 2 to 3 times daily.
  • For adult use only.
  • Not for pregnant or nursing women.


  • If you have any medical condition or taking any prescribed medication, consult before consuming the product.
  • Keep out of reach of children





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