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Vitamin D3 softgels

320,00 EGP

  • Production of California Gold Nutrition, USA.
  • 90 gelatin softgels.
  • 5000IU=125mcg.
  • For the support of healthy bones, teeth and immune system.
  • Dietary supplement.
  • Contains No Gluten, No GMOs, No Soy.
  • Produced in a 3rd Party Audited cGMP Registered (Certified) Facility.
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Vitamin D3 gelatin softgels supplies the body with 5000 IU of vitamin D3 that is equivalent to 125mdg.

Aging and calcium poor diets affect the strength of bones and teeth, moreover, low vitamin D3 levels affect the proper and healthy functionality of the immune system.

It is crucial that our body obtain Vitamin D3 from outer sources, as our body cannot make Vitamin D3 unless our skin was exposed directly to the sunlight.

Benefits of vitamin D3 gelatin softgels

  • Vitamin D3 is a basic element that directly affects the calcium absorption from our digestive system.
  • Calcium absorption is directly associated with the strength and health of the bones, teeth and muscles.
  • Calcium and vitamin D3 poor diets, as well as aging affect the level of vitamin D3, which may lead to osteoporosis or osteomalacia.
  • A noticeable percentage of elders suffer from hips fractures, which is a very harmful incident, because it a painful and a long healing process.
  • Keeping an adequate vitamin d3 levels in the body can help you avoid such incidents.
  • Teeth are much like bones, they have to thick in order to be strong. Calcium is the main mineral that forms bones and teeth, and vitamin d3 is its regulator.
  • Furthermore, vitamin d3 plays an enormous role in the proper functionality of the immune system.
  • It aids the activity of the immune system, and help the body avoid autoimmune diseases.
  • Vitamin D3 deficiency can cause too many symptoms and diseases, such as “Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, backbone pain, fatigue, inability to perform daily chores, tiredness, hair loss, muscle aches, impaired wound healing and depression”.

Usage instructions of vitamin D3 gelatin softgels

  • Take 1 softgel daily with food.
  • Best when taken as directed by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and International Unit (IU) for Vitamin D can be influenced by your age, your gender, and your individual health and wellness needs. It is recommended to consult with a qualified Healthcare Practitioner to determine your specific needs and before using a high dose of Vitamin D.


  • Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol from lanolin)

Other Ingredients

  • Non-GMO Safflower Oil, Softgel Capsule (Gelatin [from Fish (Tilapia)], Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water).
  • CONTAINS: FISH (Tilapia) .
  • This product is not manufactured with milk, eggs, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy or gluten. Produced in a third party, audited and registered cGMP compliant facility that may process other products that contain these allergens or ingredients.


  • Best stored at controlled room temperature 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F).
  • Keep vitamin d3 softgels away from the reach of the children.
  • Consult a licensed physician, pharmacist, physician, or other qualified healthcare professional before taking supplements.
  • Sealed to protect you.
  • Do not use the product if the seal is missing or broken.
  • Inadequate storage conditions, such as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, may degrade the product over time.
  • Smell, color, consistency and taste may vary.
  • Color shift is normal and unavoidable.
  • If you have any severe condition, it is best to consult a doctor.
  • If you have any allergies, it is best to consult a doctor.
  • Discontinue use if adverse reactions occur and consult a doctor.

Vitamin D3 softgels | California Gold Nutrition

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